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Soft Play Area's

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Soft Play LA is a mobile company that can bring safe and colorful play areas to your party for children aged 0-5 years old. We have multiple set ups, that accommodate crawlers to gymnast enthusiasts. The play zones come in a multitude of colors, from primary, pink or blue, to our signature set of mint, yellow and white. We're available for indoor or outdoor birthday parties, playdates or any social event where you want to ensure your little ones have a BLAST!

Entertainment for parties that everyone raves about! 

 About me! Why soft play? 


It was leading up to my daughters first birthday and I suddenly realized I couldn't find the kids entertainment I wanted for the party. Everyone was telling me the celebration was mine and not something my daughter would remember.


BUT I wanted something for my daughter, I wanted her to have fun and celebrate, even if she would never remember the occasion. Let's face it - most of our joy comes from seeing their happiness. Soft play areas provide soft, safe and clean environments for kids to explore and enjoy at a variety of ages. It also gives the adults a moment to enjoy their time together whilst their children are entertained with the stimulating colors, crawling space and climbing equipment.


I didn't end up finding this for my daughter's first birthday sadly, but soon fell in love with the whole idea when I did come across it soon after. I'm a strong believer in the soft play area for parties (for kids from infant to 5) and I love seeing my client's joy after they witness their own children's happiness and the compliments they receive from their guests. Plus most of the young guests head home having been active and what parent doesn't enjoy a nap inducing activity?! 


Being a mom myself I hope I can add to the service I provide. Knowing what it takes to host a party, what you want from a service and making you and your party as special as you want and deserve it to be.



  • Making memories and magic with your child! IMAGINE walking outside to a play zone! A magical land all of their own to explore. Something they’ve never experienced before or something they're familiar with!! ALL FOR THEM. Little mind blown! 

  • Most importantly this is all for the birthday child…..this is something physical they can use, be in, climb on, touch and enjoy. It’s an experience to enjoy themselves, with their family and their little friends! From timid to outgoing there is something for all personalities to explore and love. 


  • They say the first is for the parents, I actually think each year is a celebration for the parents. We’ve made it another year shaping our little ones and over come all that has been presented in that year and looking to the joy that is on the horizon as they turn this new age. Soft play areas will give the kids entertainment and excitement that can lead to their distraction and whilst supervising the parents may actually get to finish a sentence to each other, maybe even a whole conversation without interruption! Imagine that!!

  • Soft play LA has so much choice for sets you could actually tailor it and customize to your theme or color scheme! Check out our THEME section for ideas! The perfect compliment for an already special day. 

  • PHOTOS! Who doesn’t want magic photo’s of their kids on their special day. Soft play area’s create epic back drops for these magical moments. Add a bouncer and add to the magic capturing them actually jumping for joy!

  • Soft play actually also has an educational element to it by encouraging and developing their motor skills. I’ve actually had parents come back to me saying their son improved his climbing skills after a party. 


Play is the basis for how children learn, develop and become who they are... so let's PLAY!

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