How to Book

  • Email me with your preferred soft play set. plus your date, time and location to check availability and any delivery fees involved.

  • Fill in the booking form within 24 hours of it being sent.

  • Read and e sign the waiver

  • Send the deposit. ($100 down payment and $100 damages/cleaning security deposit) 

  • Once I have all 3 items we will be booked!

Before booking......

  • Flat! Make sure have flat ground for designated area. Slopes or uneven surface will jeopardize our ability to safely set up. Feel free to send me a picture of the area for us to discuss. 

  • Be weather prepared! Direct sunlight in Los Angeles heat can make the equipment hot to the touch. 


  • Rain! It's rare but in winter months have a back up indoor location in case of rain. We cannot set up in the rain. 


  • Size! Each package has a minimum size for set up. Please refer to the packages section to make sure you have enough space for set up. We cannot be responsible if there is not enough space to set up the play area. We can adapt the area's though so please discuss your space with us! 


  • Contactless set up and pick up! We are currently only setting up in a contactless manner. Please make sure to have the area empty for our staff to set up and pick up! Please consider this when booking the timing of your event. If we cannot pack down in a safe environment you may incur an additional time charge. Please help us out at pick up by having your children exit the play area. It is not a safe to have them 'help' as adorable as it is! 

  • Rules! Please remember our rules; No shoes, drink or food in the play area. No face paint, slime or pens in the area. Adults must always supervise!